The company today:

Multiannual experience in this area

S.I.E Strumentazione Industriale s.r.l has been active in the sale, service and certification of electronic industrial instruments since 1989. We also carry out training activity focused on conveying the appropriate skills and notions for using the equipment, and we issue certifications on Accredia references, according to standard ISO 17025.
Since ever we monitor important customers like food ( sugar, canning) and pharmaceutical industry, with periodical care and equipment certification like refractometers and polarimeters. We have an important partnership with the water and gas companies, as well as Hera, AIMAG,IREN,AP reti gas.

Since 2006 we have specialized in gas detection and bio technologies.

In 2016 we got the medical certification for our MICROINFUSORE MP ( portable pump for the subdermal somministration).

In february 2020 with great satisfaction we got certificated our Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard in these areas of our business:

Maintenance, calibration and marketing of measuring instruments and related spare parts and accessories in the industrial process.

Designing and assembling the measuring systems for gas detection. 

Contact us, we’ll follow you in all stages: from the purchase to the equipment implementation to your staff training.

Customized solutions:

The use of electronic industrial equipment requires beyond data acquisition even a restitution of them that must simplify the comprehension and elaboration.

S.I.E Strumentazione Industriale s.r.l take care of the design and realization of basic operators , so interfacing customized systems that provide data acquisition and presentation provvedono all’acquisizione e alla presentazione dei dati secondo parametri che rispondono alle vostre richieste ed esigenze.

Sviluppiamo software personalizzati che studiamo ed elaboriamo sulle vostre effettive necessità, la loro finalità principale è quella di elaborare dati e restituire informazioni utili a tenere sotto controllo il funzionamento e l’efficacia della strumentazione industriale elettronica.


We give you a 360° assistance for industrial instrumentation in general. We carry out maintenance, calibration and repair of:

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