Our facilities:

One of S.I.E Strumentazione Industriale srl activity is the design and realization of customized facilities that provide to work out the equipment in an automated way responding to specific business needs.

The industrial use of electric equipment needs a little bit of automation, data acquisition and presentation systems and accurate work of installation and calibration of process systems.

Our team is specialized and capable of doing all these operations and inventing specific hardware and software solutions suitable for particular needs.


Design and realization of little automation based on microprocessor systems and programmable logic controllers

We deal with the design and implementation of automation with the help of computer systems and/ or programmable logic controllers, developed to manage and control more or less complex industrial processes.

Design and realization of dedicated data acquisition and presentation systems

We design and develop datalogger customize wherever a system already on the market cannot be offered. We help and follow the customer in the data collection and its sending via computer network, telephone or simple representation at the terminal.


Installation and calibration of process instrumentation

S.I.E. Strumentazione Industriale s.r.l. assure ongoing and steady support,​ forthis we also take care of the  installation and calibration of instrumentation and equipment.

Industrial processes require a careful regulation of the values of the parameters that allow on the one hand to operate in the best way the plants and on the other to obtain the results for which they were designed. For this reason, our calibration systems are very meticulous both in the instrument adjustment and in the verification phases.

For the experience gained, for the competence of the team, for the importance of the partners with whom we collaborate, we are a reference point, both in the field of the design of fixed installations for the detection of gas or gas leaks,than in the programming of powder or liquid distributors for sanitizing actions in particular environmental contexts. Rely on us for your needs, we will develop the best and most suitable solution for you.

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