Products for the industrial instrumentation

S.I.E. Strumentazione Industriale s.r.l. has a wide range of products for the control and safety of your company. The optimization of automation and industrial instrumentation must in fact pass through the control of the impact that the company has on the environment and the health of its workers.


Why contact S.I.E Strumentazione Industriale s.r.l

S.I.E. has been operating for more than 30 years in the sale, service and certification of electronic industrial instruments. Turning to it, you will find:

● certified and high quality products
● competent and specialised assistance
● thirty years of experience in the field at your disposal
● a team ready to help in case of need


S.I.E ‘s products

The products offered by S.I.E. are aimed atmaking every production process of your company safe. In the catalogue, you will find solutions designed to sanitize and clean up environments, to protect the health of your employees and to reduce the risk of accidents at work.

  • Ecology: dosing devices for powdersand liquids (nebulizers)
  • Gas detection: personal detectors,stationary and portable gas detectors,ground man detectors.
  • Breathalyzers: portable instrumentation for measuring bloodalcohol content
  • Measurement of Total Solid (%H2S)in industrial products: measurement with Harre&Kassen microwave technology.
  • Laboratory equipment: Giorgio Bormac range of instruments.
  • TESTO instruments: wide range of portable instruments, stationary instruments for industrial environment for air quality, …
  • MP pump: time-controlled syringe for subcutaneous administration.

Key words:


  • Quality
  • Competence
  •  Experience
  • Fast intervention


Some examples:

  • Laboratory and process measurements equipment
  • portable instrumentation
  • gas detectors
  • breathalyzers
  • biodistributors
  • MP pump

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