S.I.E Strumentazione Industriale s.r.l is specialized in the design, construction and sale of systems for the dosing of products, in the form of powder or liquid, useful for the treatment of waste, water and, more generally, of the environments for which sanitation is necessary.

Our team, highly specialized, is responsible for carrying out a preliminary investigation of the context to be treated and, after acquiring the necessary information, defines the remediation interventions to be carried out, selects the appropriate biotechnological treatments and designs the plants.

The environmental realities in which it is required to carry out specific treatments, in order to bring them back to normal conditions, are varied and range from water purification to waste treatment, from odor abatement to ecological zone management.

S.I.E. Strumentazione Industriale s.r.l. produces automatic and manual dosing systems in which the products, in powder or liquid, are mixed in doses suitable to achieve the purposes of the interventions and to carry out specific treatments in a precise and safe way.

Within our catalog there are different types of biodosers suitable for both powder and liquid distribution; we have available models of portable distributors, fixed and mounted on mobile vehicles. We supply and manufacture dosing systems for odor treatment products. Our systems are driven by a microprocessor programmer that allows you to automate and customize the dosage, defining the modes and times of emission of products (liquids or powders).

Our long experience in this field allows us to design specific implants for environmental situations that require a thorough study of the context and a customization of the mode of intervention. Our designers are in a position to take into account and evaluate with extreme care all the variants of each individual case.

The systems we build are simple in management and use, customized and defined on customer needs. Moreover, thanks to one of our most fruitful collaborations, the one with Battelli​ snc, we are able to provide a first virtual simulation of the plant and to show the customer every detail on 3D rendering.

S.I.E. Strumentazione Industriale srl is a reference point active in Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and Veneto, for those who need products and related dosing systems to perform environmental remediation, to solve dust and/or unpleasant smell problems.

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