Stable gas detection

Gas detectors are indispensable devices for the continuous monitoring of harmful gas leaks in industrial systems. This particular type of industrial instrumentation consists of equipment called “fixed point”: they are, in fact, sensors that are installed in points at greater risk of leakage and that constantly measure air quality. In the event of a spillage of dangerous substances, the detectors or the control unit to which they are connected, emit an alarm that allows them to intervene promptly on the loss, protecting the health of the staff and, often, saving their lives. S.I.E. Strumentazione Industriale provides:

● Fixed point” gas detectors

● Ultrasonic gas detectors

● “Barrier” gas detectors

● Assistance and refresher courses

● Start up of devices

● Periodic certification according to regulations


Personal gas detection

Personal detectors are portable gas detectors that, thanks to a built-in air monitoring system, alert the operator as soon as he is exposed to toxic, explosive or asphyxiating gasses, so that it can promptly secure itself or alert the control and rescue center. You can choose from a wide range of compact and easy personal detectors, ranging from monogas detectors to multi-gas models with integrated pumps.S.I.E. strumentazione industriale offers you:

● Careful selection of personal detectors
● Consultancy and Training
● Spare parts and periodic maintenance
● Certification
● Technical Gases for Bump Test and Calibration

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