Chlorine Dioxide and Ozone – Leaks and leadk detection

Sanitization with ozone and chlorine dioxide is the most widespread technique in the packaging sectors, pharmaceutical production, purification and water treatment, and in general in industrial sectors that need to reclaim environments or decontaminate goods. . Sanitizing with ozone and chlorine dioxide, however, entails the risk of gas leaks which can be harmful both to the environment and to the workers involved in the sanitation process. It is therefore necessary to equip your company personnel with a certified gas detector, which promptly signals the gas leak and allows them to quickly repair the leak.

S.I.E.’s Solutions

Ask S.I.E. Strumentazione Industriale, and you will find the best solutions to monitor environmental emissions of your plant and to protect the health of your employees. S.I.E. Strumentazione Industriale can:

● Realize fixed systems for ozone and chlorine dioxide monitoring
● Sell gas detection kit, certified and guaranteed
● Supply service, certification for portable and fixed systems (even if already existing in your plant)
● Supply bump test systems for your detectors
● Supply spares of any manufacturer
● Service dectors, even very old systems (like Teledyne 400 series or Ongaro HD91)

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Also included in our archive are repairs of very particular instruments, such as the old Teledyne series 400 (400E) or the old Ongaro HD91, for which we frequently make adjustments and general revisions, with calibration and certification even on several points. We also perform calibrations and certifications of fixed instrumentation, both in the laboratory and directly by the customer. See also the Emissions section.

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