I nostri servizi sulla strumentazione:

S.I.E. Strumentazione Industriale s.r.l. deals with the sale, repair and periodic calibration of measuring instruments for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, gas distribution, etc. Among the instruments treated are manometers, scales, multimeters, thermometers, level meters, refractometers, polarimeters, pH-meters, colorimeters, gas and personal detectors, smoke and emission analyzers, leak detectors.

The calibrations are carried out mainly for comparison with LAT certified instruments, with the preparation of a calibration report according to ISO 17025.

Some example of calibration done in our laboratory:

  • pressure (up to 1000 bar)
  • temperature (also IR infrared thermometers)
  • dampness
  • thickness
  • refractometric quantities
  • polarimetric measurements
  • spectrophotometric measurements
  • colorimetric and pH measurements
  • air velocity
  • electrical quantities
  • mass and scales
  • gas flow
  • gas analysers

Within our highly specialized team, we have all the necessary skills to provide advice and tailor-made solutions to meet your needs.

Some examples of instruments covered by our on-site service, as well as sales:

  • Polarimeters, for example B+S serie ADP 400 e 600, Atago AP-300, Anton Paar Optotech (ex Dr Kernchen), Optical Activity, Rudolph, SCHMIDT+HAENSCH, THORN EMI 
  • Refractometers: for example B+S, Anton Paar Optotec, Atago, Maselli, Mettler, Optech, SCHMIDT+HAENSCH, XS instruments
  • Spectrophotometers: for example Bausch & Lomb, Dr. Lange / Hach Lange, Jenway, Jasco, LKB Biochrom, Miltron Roy, Philips, Perkin Elmer, PYE Unicam, Secoman, Spectronic, Varian

Some examples of Personal Detector brands for which we perform maintenance and calibration:

  • Honeywell gas detection (includes BW and RAE Systems)
  • Crowcon
  • Draeger
  • MSA
  • Industrial Scientific
  • GfG
Calibratore IR_1

Refractometers, Polarimeters and quartz sheets, Spectrophotometers, Colorimeters, Thermometers, Manometers, Precision balances, Multimeters and calibrators, Flow/flow meters, Leak detectors, Stationary and portable gas detectors, Fine dust meters, Humidity meters, Breathalyzers, Dosimeters, Geiger counters, Finders and Metal Detectors, pH-meters, Level meters, Turbidimeters, NIR instrumentation, ….

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